Gastric psoriasis, Isolated Vascularized Gastric Tube Biliary Enteric Drainage: A Paediatric Case Series Experience.

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Acta Physiologica Felmérai, J. Gróf, M. Idei and J. It was demonstrated that, in comparison to the non psoriatic samples, concentration of the free alfa-amino group bearing and the Lowry positive components as well as total carbohydrate content was significantly elevated in the acidic ethanol soluble serum fraction of psoriatic samples.

In psoriasis, the quantity of serum components with UY light absorbing capability at nm, and with a molecular mass between 0.

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Introduction Several aspects of the molecular mechanisms connected to the induction of psoriasis, a multifactorial disease have already been studied in considerable details. The presently available, and mostly symptomatic therapy of the disease is based on the results of these studies. One of the therapeutical approaches introduced recently is haemodialysis of psoriatic patients.

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Haemodialysis, by removing these components from the serum would alleviate some of the symptoms characteristic of psoriasis [1,3]. In order to check the validity of this hypothesis, blood serum fractions were analyzed by fractional precipitation and SG chromatography as well as by chemical analysis of serum gastric psoriasis collected both from psoriatic and non psoriatic patients.

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